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August 2008
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Background music for this podcast provided courtesy of the Charlie Hunter Trio and Ropeadope Records

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Charlie Hunter Trio
Cueball Bobbin

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Earlier in the week I had planned to go with a different concert for this episode but it seems that Santa had an early present for me. Last year around this time I featured Warren Haynes’ 19th Annual X-Mas Jam and I decided to continue the tradition when I came across multiple concerts from the 20th X-Mas Jam. The lineups are always so good that I might have to make this a yearly tradition.

The music for this show will feature a new band with a familiar lead singer. During the Beastie Boys recent “Get Out and Vote” tour, Ben Harper debuted a new lineup, Relentless 7. The beginnings of the band’s formation date back to 1998 at a concert Ben played in Austin. While on the way to the show, the guy driving Ben’s van asked to play a demo tape. Ben was so impressed that he got the band a record deal and continued to work with their guitarist on several projects, including one of the tracks on Both Sides of the Gun. The band was Wan Santo Condo and guitar player Jason Mozersky, is now playing lead for Relentless 7.

This concert begins with a track called “Number With No Name,” which is from their debut album, White Lies For Dark Times, which will be out in May of next year. The limited tour stops they have made so far have been at smaller venues than typical for the Innocent Criminals. The reason for this can be attributed to the following quote from Ben Harper: “I wanted us to earn it, this is where it needs to be for it to be sincere”. I for one am hoping they stick with this philosophy on their album tour next Spring, just be sure to get your tickets early.

Song listing
1) Number No Name
2) Shimmer
3) Lay There & Hate Me
4) Better Way
5) Fly One Time
6) Keep It Together
7) Dressed in Black
8) Boots
9) Up to You Now
10) Good Times Bad Times w/ John Paul Jones

If you enjoyed this podcast click the following link to download the the show in lossless format
Ben Harper & the Relentless 7 - Asheville, NC - 12/13/08 

Also check out some of the other bands from Warren Haynes' 20th X-Mas Jam
Derek Trucks Band 12/12/08
Del McCoury Band 12/12/08
Dumpstaphunk 12/12/08
Warren Haynes & John Paul Jones 12/12/08
Joan Osborne 12/12/08
Gov't Mule 12/12/08
Travis Tritt 12/12/08
Johnny Winter 12/13/08
Coheed & Cambria 12/13/08
Michael Franti & Jay Bowman 12/13/08
Steve Earle 12/13/2008
Christmas Jam Band 12/13/08

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Check tour dates and band information for Ben Harper and the Relentless 7.


Direct download: livemusicpodcast_040.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 6:49pm EDT

If you are still looking for a Christmas gift for the live music fan in your life I highly recommend picking up Rodrigo y Gabriela's new album "Live in Japan". The duo never cease to amaze me with the energy and rhythm that are on display during this performance. Although it is available digitally, for this one you should buy the plastic version so you get the bonus DVD.

Live in Japan           More from Amazon...
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More live Rodrigo y Gabriela can be found on Podcast #11: Rodrigo y Gabriela - Santa Cruz, CA - 04/27/07.

Category:Album Picks -- posted at: 9:36pm EDT

Well it’s that time of year in Kansas City as I’m sure it is in many other areas where you are listening when the inevitability of winter starts sinking in. With the majority of my outdoor activities coming to an end for the next several months the thoughts of spending the majority of my time indoors has put a slight damper on my mood. So in light of this I thought it would be fitting to do a blues show for this episode. Also, it has been a while since I featured a recording from my hometown and this recent download I came across fit both of those criteria perfectly.

Last month wrapped up the end of Gov’t Mule’s Kinder Revolution Fall Tour and supporting them on this tour was a great blues band called Back Door Slam. The trio comes all the way from the Isle of Man which is at the geographical centre of the British Isles. Despite that they seem to spend a lot of time touring the US because I saw them open for Rusted Root about a year before at the same venue. They really are a great opening act and I’d love to see what they can do with a full set sometime. This recording was captured by Nick Hatfield aka MOMule on November 16th, 2008 and is sure to get you fired up on even the coldest winter day.

Follow the link below to listen to the concert in loss-less format.
Back Door Slam - Kansas City, MO - 11/16/08

Support the artists by buying music and watching them live!

1) Outside Woman Blues
2) Tear Down The Walls
3) Come Home
4) Back Door Slam
5) Country Girl
6) Coming Into Los Angeles
7) It's a Long Long Road
8) (Tell Me) What the Fuss is All About
9) What in the World

Support the artists by buying music and watching them live!
Roll Away   I'll Get Mine
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Check out Back Door Slam's Homepage for tour dates and more info about the band. 

Also check out the amazing Gov't Mule set that followed their performance.
Gov't Mule - Kansas City, MO - 11/16/08

...and last year's concert from the same venue
Podcast #14: Gov't Mule - Kansas City, MO - 11/01/07

Direct download: livemusicpodcast_039.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 10:09pm EDT

I have been listening to more streaming concerts on Wolfgang's Vault now that the company I work for has for some reason unblocked this site.  I'm not really sure why since it seems like it would be a giant bandwidth hog, but that isn't really my problem. 

Here is one that I found featuring a compilation of some of the greatest guitar players of all time.

Guitar Greats: Vault Top 10

Category:Feature Streams -- posted at: 9:54pm EDT

For this episode I am featuring an Australian artist that was last seen touring the US with Ben Folds. If you guessed Missy Higgins then I guess you win although I didn’t really come up with any prizes. I got the chance to see their sold out stop in Kansas City last month and despite waiting in line during a cold and rainy night for about a half an hour, it turned out to be one of my favorite concerts this year. I can be fairly cheap so when I get to see 2 great bands in the same night it kind of feels like I got a little extra for my money.

The job of the opening band can be quite difficult with many crowds and especially with one that is cold and wet. Typically half of the people show up in time for the opener and half of those are trying to talk to each other during the songs. An opener really has to do something special to excite a crowd in this kind of environment and for the audience in attendance at the Uptown Theater, Missy Higgins was absolutely captivating. Her expressive and slightly sassy style was a great complement to Ben Folds and perfect for a small theater like the Uptown. A good indicator of how well an opener is doing is the difference between the crowd noise during the songs and in between. Let’s just say that a lot of headliners would be jealous of the loud applause after and near silence during each song.

Try as I might, I was not able to find a recording of that night’s performance. I did however find an excellent recording of a concert that was taped about a year before in Hollywood, California.

Follow the link below to listen to the full concert
Missy Higgins - Hollywood, CA - 10/18/07

Support the artists by buying music and watching them live!

1) Peachy
2) This Is How It Goes
3) Forgive Me
4) Any Day Now
5) Where I Stood
6) Angela
7) Secret
8) Warm Whispers
9) The Special Two
10) Scar
11) Steer

Support the artists by buying music and watching them live!
On a Clear Night   The Sound of White       More...
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Check out Missy Higgins' Homepage for tour dates and more info about the band. 

Also check out this recording that almost made it to the podcast
Missy Higgins - Telluride, CO - 6/17/06

Direct download: livemusicpodcast_038.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 10:43pm EDT

NPR does it again...this time an exclusive live acoustic performance of songs from the Raconteurs album 'Consolers of the Lonely'.

The Raconteurs: Acoustic 'Consolers'

Set List:
1) Old Enough
2) Top Yourself
3) These Stones Will Shout

Support the artists by buying music and watching them live!
Broken Boy Soldiers   Consolers Of The Lonely
Purchase on Itunes   Purchase on Itunes
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Check tour dates for The Raconteurs

Category:Feature Streams -- posted at: 2:07pm EDT

I came across this really amazing concert completely by accident while searching for recordings of the band the Zutons.  Instead of the Zutons I found Mark Ronson and his band teamed up with the BBC Orchestra and numerous guests for a one time engagement on the BBC series Electric Proms.  The result is a mix of familiar and not so familiar covers by a wide range of uber talented musicians. 

I recommend cranking it up on this one....

Mark Ronson and BBC Concert Orchestra - London - 10/24/07 - Audio
Mark Ronson and BBC Concert Orchestra - London - 10/24/07 - Video (partial)

1) Overture / Apply Some Pressure [Maximo Park]
2) Just [Radiohead] (with Alex Greenwald)
3) Cold Shoulder (with Adele)
4) Oh My God [Kaiser Chiefs] (with Ricky Wilson)
5) Sunny [Boney M] (with Candie Payne)
6) Back to Black [Amy Winehouse] (with Charlie Walker from Rumblestrips)
7) Our Lips Are Sealed [The Go Gos] (with Terry Hall)
8) Sail on Sailor [Beach Boys] (with Sean Lennon (Wurlitzer), Alex Greenwald, Daniel Merriweather, Stuart and Tawiah)
9) God Put A Smile Upon Your Face [Coldplay]
10) Valerie [Zutons] (with Kyle Falconer from The View)
11) Stop Me [Smiths]/ Hanging On (with Daniel Merriweather)
12) We Can Work It Out [Beatles] (with Daniel Merriweather, Tawiah and Sean Lennon)

Category:Feature Streams -- posted at: 10:40pm EDT

After what seems like an eternity the 2008 election came to conclusion this week. I know I stayed non-partisan in my previous postings but I’m going to break away from that for a moment and tell you that I am absolutely thrilled to have Barack Obama as my next president.

So with the election out of the way I don’t have much else to talk about at the moment so I’m going to get back to focusing a little more strictly on the music. For this show I have for you 13 songs from The Black Keys’ May 13th, 2008 concert in Washington, D.C. I actually hadn’t intended to make a political connection for this show but I guess it must have slipped in subconsciously because this was the concert I picked out among the several that I downloaded. I’ve only been listening to the Black Keys fairly recently and have never seen them live, but this recording really blew me away. In fact until researching for this show I wasn’t even aware that there were only two members in the band. Despite having only two members they are able to create a live show that is more powerful than most bands twice their size. Now I present to you the Black Keys….

Follow the link below to listen to the full concert
The Black Keys - Washington, D.C. - 05/13/08

Support the artists by buying music and watching them live!

1) Girl is on My Mind
2) Set You Free
3) Thickfreakness
4) 10 AM Automatic
5) Same Old Thing
6) Busted
7) You're the One
8) Oceans and Streams
9) Your Touch
10) The Breaks
11) I Got Mine
12) Psychotic Girl
13) Till I Get My Way

Attack and Release   Magic Potion
  Rubber Factory
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  Purchase on Itunes
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Check out The Black Keys' Homepage for tour dates and more info about the band.

Direct download: livemusicpodcast_037.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 9:09pm EDT

One last election posting before it's all over. This is a great recording of Dave and Tim playing in their home state of Virginia. As Dave puts it, he's a "real" Virginian and he's voting for Barack.

Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - Richmond, VA - 10/26/08

Category:New Downloads -- posted at: 2:45pm EDT

Ideally I would have gotten this posted sooner than the day before the election.  However it looks like you can still get free music downloads from by pledging to vote.  Free downloads are available from Phish, Dave Matthews Band, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Wilco w/ the Fleet Foxes, Younger Brother Live, and many more, but this offer may end after the election is over.  Click the following link for your freebies.

I like voting and free MP3s

Category:Other -- posted at: 5:26pm EDT